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Faculty headshot of Chun Yuan, PhD

Chun Yuan PhD

Radiology, Bioengineering

Email: cyuan@uw.edu | Phone: 206.616.9354

Dr. Yuan is the Director of the Bio-Molecular Imaging Center (BMIC) that develops novel imaging techniques for anatomic, functional, tissue and molecular applications, provides a full range of imaging services, and facilitates research for scientific and biomedical institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest. BMIC aims to be a place where new collaborative research opportunities are established, as well as a primary resource for the international scientific community. In collaboration with Philips Medical Systems, BMIC is equipped with a state-of-the-art Philips Ingenia 3T Whole Body Scanner geared primarily towards human and translational research.

Dr. Yuan is also the co-director of the Vascular Imaging Laboratory (VIL) which has been focused on using cutting edge imaging techniques for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of high risk atherosclerotic plaques, the root cause of many strokes and heart attacks. The VIL leads efforts in developing new blood vessel and heart imaging techniques; in designing and conducting imaging based single and multicenter studies with imaging based biomarkers to study cardiovascular disease progression and regression under treatment; in creating a bridge between basic research to clinical translation, and in big data based cardiovascular risk modeling. The VIL has trained over 40 post-doctoral fellows, many have become leaders in the field of imaging and cardiovascular medicine.