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Faculty headshot of Richard Kenagy, PhD

Richard Kenagy PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Email: rkenagy@uw.edu | Phone: 206.897.1550

Our group has been interested for many years in how intimal hyperplasia and stenosis/restenosis develop in blood vessels after surgery and the factors that determine outcome, particularly in vascular grafts. We have more recently worked to define in humans the underlying factors that account for vein graft failure, since no therapeutic drugs are available leaving only further surgical or endovascular interventions. We have defined a genetic component, as well as cells (possibly the progenitor cells) in the outer wall of the vein that appear to be protective. Since vein grafts in animal models do not fail, we are currently developing in collaboration with surgical colleagues a novel human/immune-deficient rat model of vein graft failure to test our leads on potential therapeutics.