Career Development and Inclusive Leadership Workshop

This two-day program is part of a nationwide effort to strengthen and diversify the next generation of academic leaders in regenerative medicine. The in-person event is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore and prepare for a faculty position in academia.

Join a select cohort of diverse regenerative medicine Ph.D. students, recent doctoral graduates and top faculty and deans. The workshop is designed to encourage academic careers from traditionally underrepresented U.S. demographic groups and is open to individuals of any ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability, veteran status, socio economic status, first generation to college status, and religion.

We strongly encourage women and traditionally underrepresented groups at U.S. institutions who are senior-level Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral researchers or early-career scientists and researchers in the field of regenerative medicine to apply.

Attendees will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the academic job market and how to navigate the rigors of first faculty positions.

  • Meet mentors and future collaborators
  • Attend panel discussions with successful faculty
  • Learn about the faculty search process
  • Prepare for the academic job market
  • Plan for the rigors of first faculty positions
  • Understand how to build a successful research program
  • Develop tools to help create and maintain a diverse and inclusive laboratory environment
  • Learn techniques to help navigate and minimize professional conflicts

Selection Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have an interest in a faculty career in regenerative medicine
  • Have a demonstrated a commitment to diversity and excellence

An ideal workshop candidate can express a passion for teaching and interest in making regenerative medicine academia a more inclusive and rewarding experience for all students, and has a desire to positively influence institutional conversations about diversity.


Applicants may apply here.

Application Materials

  1. Current CV in PDF format.
  2. A career statement that covers the your career goals, your interest in developing a diverse and inclusive lab, and an explanation of what you hope to gain from attending our workshop
    • Please provide a short (no more than 1 page) statement that articulates your current career goals. In addition, please provide a statement that describes the importance you place on creating a diverse and inclusive lab environment for your future trainees and how this fits in with your stated career goals. This can include personal experiences that have helped drive your interest in improving diversity in science as well as any training you have already undertaken in this area. Lastly, please outline what you hope to gain from attending this workshop and how it will contribute to your future career.
  3. An abstract for the planned poster session that focuses on your current work as well as what you hope to focus on as you move towards independence.
    • This 2-day workshop will include a drinks reception and poster presentation session on Mon April 24th. All attendees are encouraged to present a poster to their peers within the workshop, as well as to attending faculty, that describes their current work as well as what they hope to focus on after transitioning to an independent position. Please provide a brief (maximum 250 words) abstract that covers the topic of the poster you intend to present so that it can be included in the course materials. It is okay to use an existing poster created within the last year.

Accommodation plus contributions to travel expenses (up to $400 per person) are provided for accepted applicants.

Program and Deadlines

The ISCRM Future Faculty Workshop is a two-day workshop taking place at the University of Washington, South Lake Union campus in Seattle, WA from April 24-25, 2023.

Contact Us

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