NIGMS awards University of Washington $10 million for human embryonic stem cell research

September 4, 2007 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), one of the National Institutes of Health, has funded a new research program at the University of Washington focused on the study of the basic biology of human embryonic stem cells. As one of only two such programs in the nation, the UW group is composed of […] Read More

$5M given to stem cell center

June 28, 2007 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

The University of Washington has raised another $5 million to fund its new stem cell institute but still lags behind other universities in the race for dollars to fund stem cell research. Tom Ellison, the chairman of Savers Inc. of Bellevue, the parent company of Value Village, and his wife, Sue, are making the $5 million […] Read More

UW Medicine receives $2.5 million for stem cell research

January 25, 2007 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

Bill and Marilyn Conner have always been interested in medicine and medical research. But the Kirkland couple who have spent their career in the building industry, have become more interested in medicine in general — and stem cell research in particular. Like many families, the Conners, have been touched by disease. In their case, it […] Read More

$5M gift gives a boost to new UW stem cell institute

October 19, 2006 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

The University of Washington’s efforts to create an institute for human embryonic stem cell research are getting a boost from retired Starbucks CEO Orin Smith. Smith is donating $5 million to jump-start the UW’s Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. In addition, an anonymous donor is giving $1 million to UW for stem cell […] Read More

U.S. Senator Patty Murray listens as Tony Blau

Raising their voices for stem cell funding

August 3, 2006 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

For most of her life, Sen. Patty Murray’s father was confined to a wheelchair. Multiple sclerosis robbed her father of his independence. And it stole a normal life from Murray, her siblings and her stay-at-home mother, who was forced to work to provide for her seven children and husband. For Murray, the fight for federal […] Read More

Sens. Patty Murray

Stem-cell fight isn't over, senators say

July 25, 2006 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: ,

Carey Christensen, her hands trembling from Parkinson’s disease, did not hide her contempt for President Bush’s veto last week of stem-cell research she believes has the potential to turn her life around. Alex Goldberg, who suffers from severe heart and lung disease, said he worries he could go blind, or bleed to death in an […] Read More

University of Washington researcher Charles Murry said the school's new stem-cell institute would help his research.

$100 million stem-cell push

March 9, 2006 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

Responding to both growing competition and government-imposed limits on embryonic stem-cell research, the University of Washington is preparing to launch a stem-cell institute and looking to raise $100 million in private money to fund it. The UW’s plans reflect the intense competition it faces from other universities around the country that are boosting research into […] Read More

Bill to regulate stem-cell research fails

April 12, 2005 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: ,

After days of delay, the Senate yesterday killed a bill that would regulate stem-cell research, with two Republicans who originally supported the measure jumping back to join their caucus. Senate Minority Leader Bill Finkbeiner, R-Kirkland, was the lone Republican to vote for the bill, which was defeated 26-23. The measure would have permitted stem-cell research, […] Read More

The new exploratory stem cell center will acquire

Human embryonic stem cell exploratory center funded

September 19, 2003 | Categories: Announcements | Tagged: , ,

The UW and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will establish a federally funded Exploratory Center for Human Embryonic Cell Research. The center will acquire, characterize, and in some cases, distribute, National Institutes of Health-approved human embryonic stem cell lines. Read the full story at UW Medicine Online News. Read More