Giulia Spennati

With an ISCRM fellowship, Giulia Spennati, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Freedman and Fu Lab, aims to identify the molecular and mechanical mechanism leading to podocyte injury in kidney organoids exposed to hyperglycemic […] Read More

Marina Pavlou, PhD

ISCRM fellowship funding will allow Marina Pavlou, PhD to test the potential of growth factors Ascl1 and Atoh1 to reinstate developmental plasticity in adult non-human primate Müller glia. The goal […] Read More

Christian Mandrycky, PhD

As a postdoctoral fellow, Christian Mandrycky will test a hypothesis that MYH3 mutations (implicated in the skeletal muscle disorder Distal arthrogryposis) alter both the mechanics of the contractile apparatus as […] Read More

Damien Detraux, PhD

In collaboration with the Institute for Protein Design (IPD – UW), postdoctoral fellow Damien Detraux will use synthetic AI-designed proteins to robustly and specifically target signaling pathways though RTKs-modulating mini-binders […] Read More