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Faculty Headshot of Brandon Hadland, MD, PhD

Brandon Hadland MD, PhD

Fred Hutch
Assistant Professor, Clinical Research Division, Hematology/Oncology, Pediatrics

Email: bhadland@fredhutch.org | Phone: 206.667.1095

Our lab’s focus is in understanding the molecular mechanisms that orchestrate the formation of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) during development and the signal pathways that regulate HSC fate decisions in normal blood cell development and in the context of disease states such as leukemias and bone marrow failure syndromes. Using mouse models, pluripotent stem cells, and engineered platforms to recapitulate aspects of HSC development in vitro, our goal is to unravel the dynamic intercellular interactions and signal pathways governing HSC genesis. Our long-term objective is to apply knowledge of embryonic HSC development toward de novo HSC generation and expansion in vitro, for the purposes of disease modelling, drug discovery, gene editing, and cellular therapies to improve the treatment and cure of blood and immune disorders. We are also interested in understanding the developmental origins of pediatric leukemias and how the pathways that regulate HSC development are co-opted by leukemic stem cells, with the goal of identifying new approaches to eradicate leukemias.