Welcome to the ISCRM Learning Center!

The field of stem cell and regenerative medicine offers real hope for new treatments to many diseases impacting billions of people around the world. It also offers exciting learning opportunities for scientists of all ages and knowledge levels. We’ve created this learning center as a resource for students and teachers, patients and family members, and anyone interested in biology, engineering, medicine, and other areas of scientific research. We hope you enjoy it and invite you to send question to info@iscrm.edu.

Stem Cell 101

Learn the basics of stem cells and regenerative medicine research. An introductory guide to the concepts behind our work at ISCRM.

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Regenerative Medicine Glossary

For the non-scientist, budding scientist, and generally curious, here are basic definitions of common terms used in stem cell and regenerative medicine research

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Community Engagement

We offer events, tours, and K-12 outreach to to help the public explore stem cell science and the latest discoveries happening in our labs.

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About Stem Cell Treatments

It’s important to know the facts about stem cells treatments. While more stem-based therapies are coming, we encourage the public take caution when considering unapproved stem cell treatments or trials.

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Heart Regeneration FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about heart regeneration research at ISCRM and prospects of clinical trials.

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Learn about the ways ISCRM researchers are working together to confront the root causes of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, muscle disorders, and more.

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