Our Founding Story

The Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine was founded in 2006. Then, as now, the ISCRM story belongs to hundreds of people who were and are dedicated to writing a new chapter in human health. An undertaking of that scale cannot be launched – or even dreamt of – without a diverse and devoted community of researchers, philanthropists, public officials, and other champions.

Leading the charge were two doctors and a basic scientist who came together over a grant and built an institute that stands proudly in the birthplace of stem cell medicine. Dr. Tony Blau, Dr. Charles Murry, and Dr. Randall Moon founded ISCRM to build on a legacy and to unlock the massive potential of stem cells to turn the tide in the world’s fight against chronic disease. Here are their stories.

Dr. Randy Moon
Randall T. Moon
Charles Murry
C. Anthony Blau