ISCRM is pleased to offer a broad range of opportunities for undergraduate students and postdocs. See below for helpful links and more information about ISCRM programs, including core resources, training programs, outreach opportunities, and more.


ISCRM Core Resources

Training Programs

ISCRM Seminars & Events

ISCRM / SLU listservs

To get on the email announcement listservs for both ISCRM and/or SLU, please contact Leena Derifield at


ISCRM has an internal email newsletter that goes out every Friday with information about upcoming events, news items, announcements, etc.  To receive the newsletter, please contact Leena Derifield at

Outreach Opportunities

There are many opportunities to participate in ISCRM community outreach efforts. Please contact Thatcher Heldring at if you are interested in getting involved.

Job Opportunities

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Facility/Safety Issues

Infocenter – 206-658-8681
Security guard – 206-604-1400 (after hours)

SLU Lab Services Guide

Info about lab services offered for a fee at SLU including:

  • — Glass washing
  • — Autoclaving
  • — Biowaste disposal
  • — CO2
  • — Dry ice

SLU Shared Equipment List

A list of shared equipment, available to all labs at SLU.

SLU Shuttle Schedule

UW/Fred Hutch South Lake Union Shuttle operates Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays, and consists of two routes with stops at affiliated medical research facilities. Service between UWMC and South Lake Union is intended for employees and visitors with business at UW School of Medicine, Fred Hutch, Harborview Hospital, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance or Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Stem Cell Course: Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration

This class with ISCRM’s Prof. Hannele Ruohola-Baker, Prof. Julie Mathieu and Prof. Jessica Young covers the recent findings on three topics: adult and embryonic stem cell classes and their niches, epigenetic control of stem cells, and stem cells in human disease. After this class, students should have a solid foundation on stem cell biology, epigenetic analysis and regulation of stem cells and human diseases connected to stem cell biology. The course will go through recent seminal papers on stem cell biology. Students will develop a stem cell research proposal with the help of a chosen faculty member, write a one-page abstract on the idea, and present the proposal to the class.

This is a graduate level course, but is open to undergraduates with permission from instructor. It will be offered next in Winter 2025.