Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration

CONJ 530 – 3 Credits – Winter 2023

Date and Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 10:00-11:20am
Location: SLU campus, Building F, Room F106
Instructors: Prof. Hannele Ruohola-Baker, Prof. Julie Mathieu and Prof. Jessica Young

Course description

In this class we will discuss three topics: the recent findings on adult and embryonic stem cell classes, on molecular control of stem cells and regeneration, and on stem cells in human disease and in regenerative medicine.

Learning objectives

After this class, students should have a solid foundation on stem cell biology, regulation of stem cells and tools to study and utilize stem cells for disease modeling and regenerative medicine.

Course materials and/or textbooks

The course will go through recent seminal papers on stem cell biology.

Course requirements, examinations and grading

Students will develop a stem cell research proposal at the end of the quarter with the help of a chosen faculty member, write a one-page abstract on the idea and present the proposal to the class.

30% participation, including discussions on the papers
70% final project and presentation