Joanna Agana

As a Bothell Fellow, Joanna Argana and a team of researchers from the Davis Lab examined the importance of external cues from the myocardium and extracellular environment in regulating how the […] Read More

Lauren D’Amico

An ISCRM fellowship will allow Lauren D’Amico to study sarcomeric mutations that cause alterations to tension-time index (TTI). Understanding how these variations are linked to disruption in the force-generation capacity […] Read More

Leona Binyam-Temelso

ISCRM fellowship funding will enable Leona Binyam-Temelso to identify the minimal set of gene edits possible to generate human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes that will not produce arrhythmias once transplanted […] Read More

Alex Ochs

Alex Ochs will use his ISCRM fellowship to conduct a proof-of-concept computational modeling evaluation of whether subthreshold optogenetic stimulation to induce a weak repolarizing current could suppress engraftment arrhythmia. The […] Read More

Ross Bretherton

Funding will allow Ross Bretherton to explore the role of dilated cardiomyopathy and cardiac fibrosis in heart failure. In his investigation, Bretherton will characterize crosstalk between cardiomyocytes, cardiac fibroblasts, and […] Read More

Rohda Yase

Building on preliminary data showing that the gene efemp1 is dispensable for the first phase of spine mineralization—Rohda Yase will study the 2nd phase of skeletal development by determining the role […] Read More

Dania Ahmed

Funding will allow Dania Ahmed to test a hypothesis that restoring typical desmin levels in cardiomyopathic cells with the MYH7 E848G mutation – associated with dilated cardiomyopathy – will help […] Read More

Jenny Nathans

With support from an ISCRM Fellowship, Jenny Nathans aims to further develop and deploy molecular recording for the precise reconstruction of signaling history in development. She will first establish this […] Read More

Elisa Clark

As an ISCRM Fellow, Elisa Clark will undertake a project aimed at improving efficacy of engineered T cell therapies against solid tumors using cytokine pre-treatment. Clark will test how cytokines […] Read More

Erik Black

Using zebrafish as an in vivo model, ISCRM Fellow Erik Black will advance research efforts underway to better understand the mechanisms underlying the transition from stem cells to specialized cells […] Read More