ISCRM Undergraduate Summer Fellows program, supported by resources from the State of Washington, are competitive fellowships intended to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduate students at the University of Washington while they are engaged in research guided by UW ISCRM faculty. We hope that with research fellowships, students may focus more attention and time, deepening their inquiry into a discipline or project with a reduced financial burden. Students receive fellowships to pursue research in multiple disciplines pertaining to regenerative medicine. $6000 awards will be awarded.


If you receive need-based financial aid, we recommend that you visit a counselor in the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine the potential impact on your current aid package should you receive an ISCRM fellowship.



Deadline is 9:00am on Monday, March 25, 2024.

Application Materials

Submit a single PDF to ISCRM Undergraduate Fellows Program Coordinator, Leena Derifield (, containing the following:

  1. Unofficial transcript
  2. Diversity statement (300 words max)
    • Statement prompt: We encourage you to describe activities and circumstances that illustrate your commitment to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment.  These may include personal circumstances you had to overcome, your knowledge of different dimensions of diversity, and your contribution to diversity, equity, and inclusivity as well as how you would contribute to the same during your ISCRM fellowship and beyond.
  3. Proposal
    • Proposal prompt: In your own words, describe your research and what you and your faculty mentor hope to learn from your work.  Discuss your motivations for getting involved in this research project and how this work contributes to your education and to the development of your future plans.
    • Your proposal should be a maximum of one page.  You may include one additional page for references, images, or figures, if applicable; this one additional page of supplementary material is not included in the word limit or page limit.  You may receive feedback from your faculty mentor but the proposal should be written by the applicant.
  4. Letter of recommendation from your mentor
    • A UW ISCRM faculty member must be the primary mentor.  This person may not be the person with whom you work most directly or most frequently, but they are still designated as the “primary” mentor for purposes of the application.
      —Mentors should be aware that a cost-share of $2000 is required.


Review Process