Blue Sky Innovation in the Heart of Seattle


South Lake Union is an urban village in the heart of Seattle, a modern boomtown with a legacy of blue sky innovation.

The impulse to go first and go far is in encoded in the DNA of the neighborhood. It was here that Henry Ford built his first Model T factory west of the Mississippi and William Boeing began manufacturing seaplanes. Today, South Lake Union is a nerve-center for new ideas that are shaping the future on a global scale.

Inside the ISCRM labs at 850 Republican Street, UW Medicine faculty, postdocs, and undergrads are pursuing the extraordinary in world-class facilities where great minds meet to push the boundaries of medicine together.

Outside the labs, a vibrant community has taken root in the space between downtown Seattle and the shores of South Lake Union. Joining ISCRM in this park-dotted, walkable, lakeshore neighborhood are the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, and Amazon.  

Beyond South Lake Union, no other city is a leader in areas as diverse as technology, retail, aerospace, and health care — and positioned precisely at the intersection of technology, big data, and science. And no region other than the Pacific Northwest offers such fertile soil for curiosity, compassion, and pursuit of the public good, all in a scenic wonderland where even the sight of the sun seems to fuel inspiration.