Creating a More Equitable and Inclusive Research Community

At the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine we are bound by a belief that public health and human rights are inseparable. We are at our best as a research community when scientists representing different backgrounds, cultures, and worldviews work together to solve complex problems.

We recognize that STEM fields, including biomedical research, are limited by a demonstrable and pervasive lack of diversity. This reality reflects a broader opportunity gap in the United States for people from diverse and disadvantaged communities and has far reaching implications for the future of research and scientific discovery, which depends on a global spectrum of perspectives and experiences.

To reach our full potential as a research community, we must acknowledge that systemic racism exists within our society and within academic research institutions. We are committed to antiracism and social equality, and to creating a more equitable, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Read our five-year strategic plan for equity and inclusion.


The ISCRM UNITE team has developed a measurable five-year strategic plan for equity and inclusion.

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Community Engagement

We offer events, tours, and K-12 outreach to to help the public explore stem cell science and the latest discoveries happening in our labs.

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Voices and Stories

News, stories, and profiles highlighting contributions and achievements of underrepresented trainees and faculty at ISCRM and elsewhere.

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ISCRM UNITE has compiled DEI resources for mentors, opportunities for underrepresented students, and learning experiences for all.

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