Engaging the community

As part of an institution of higher learning, ISCRM sees its role as not only teaching and training the next generation of stem cell scientists, but also educating the public about stem cells, their use in research, and their enormous potential to revolutionize medicine. ISCRM faculty, staff, and trainees participate in regular outreach activities through the year to teach about stem cells and regenerative technologies, and to share their knowledge and excitement about the groundbreaking research projects taking place at the Institute.

Scientists are involved in dozens of activities a year. These include visits to schools and educational programs for students, tours of our facilities, legislative visits, and public forums.

Public events

ISCRM sponsors thought-provoking events on subjects of interest to the public. These public forums include panel discussions, lectures focusing on our work in a specific disease or condition, or open house events, where the public has a chance to meet faculty and learn about their research.

High School and Middle School Roadshows

This day-long road show for 8th grade students showcased many areas of ISCRM research. It included organ specimens and demonstrations explaining our work with the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, stem cells and DNA isolation.

ISCRM visits/tours with students and teachers

ISCRM hosts groups of K-12 students and provides short interactive programs and tours. The Institute has been involved in programs educating teachers on stem cells and research, so that they can have a better understanding of the topic and take the information back to the classroom.

Legislative outreach

The Institute takes its responsibility seriously to keep our public officials aware of important issues in stem cell research as they develop. ISCRM leadership meets with State legislators, and provides tours, in order to educate lawmakers on the potential of stem cells and update them on the groundbreaking work happing at the Institute.