Neurodegeneration/neuroinflammation group

The neurodegeneration/neuroinflammation group at UW has an exciting job opportunity for an applicant with interest in stem cell biology and neurological disease.  The research position will entail execution and analyses of experiments and protocols related to the study of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation.  The applicant should be a motivated, organized self-starter who is interested in learning and applying state of the art skills in this fast moving field.  This position may require management and training of student assistants.

Perform laboratory techniques and provide intellectual input to support of specific research projects, including but not limited to:

  • Cell Culture of induced pluripotent stem cell lines (iPSC)
  • iPSC differentiation into central nervous system and immune system cell types
  • RNA collection and analysis via RT-PCR
  • Protein analysis such as Western blot analysis, ELISA, FACS, reporter assays
  • Cell function assays such as phagocytosis, neurotoxicity, cytokine production assays
  • Immunocytochemistry of cultured cells and immunostaining tissue sections
  • Molecular biology techniques including subcloning, DNA preparation and sequencing preparation
  • Data analysis and figure preparation

Minimum level of Education: Bachelor’s degree
Minimum 1-2 year related laboratory experience.


  • Mastery with principles of cell culture
  • Familiarity with molecular biology techniques including DNA/RNA preparation
  • Candidate should be highly motivated and be able to work independently with minimal supervision as well as with a team
  • Have excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. Candidate will assist in preparation of data for manuscripts.

Contact: Suman Jayadev:
Jessica Young: