Made possible through a generous gift by Tom and Sue Ellison, the Ellison Core’s primary goal is to facilitate and promote the use of pluripotent stem cells within the Seattle biomedical community. To this end, the Core provides training in the culture and generation of induced pluripotent stem cells, gene editing services, and assistance with pilot studies for laboratories new to the expertise within the Core.  The laboratory is designed to allow outside investigators to work side-by-side with colleagues and Core staff, thereby fostering collaborative effort.

For ISCRM researchers, and others, the Ellison Core offers:

  • Training in ESC culture techniques and Core orientation
  • Training in pluripotent cell differentiation (neural cell & cardiomyocyte)
  • iPSC generation
  • Gene editing
  • Assistance with novel projects that require specific techniques or cell lines
  • Consultation
  • Maintenance and distribution of pluripotent cell stocks
  • Maintenance of other species of ESC (mouse, dog, mink, macaque)
  • Testing of stock reagents (Matrigel and FBS) for purchase and maintenance of culture supplies
  • Routine lab maintenance, stocking and cleaning

Prices for Ellison Core services

The Ellison Stem Cell Core is a 3500 square foot facility with three tissue culture rooms.  Each of the tissue culture rooms has HEPA filtered air, six tissue culture hoods and hypoxia capable CO2 incubators and several inverted microscopes with photomicrography capability.  In addition, there are separate gas storage and gowning rooms, wet lab, mouse procedure room, and a dark room for fluorescence and live cell imaging. In addition, there is specialized equipment for electroporation (Amaxa) and automated cell counting (Nucleocounter).

Tom and Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core

Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
University of Washington
850 Republican Street, Box 358056
Seattle, WA  98109

Julie Mathieu, PhD, Director

Phone: 206-221-6449 | Email:


Chris Cavanaugh, Research Scientist 3

Phone: 206-221-7986 | Email:


Jennifer Hesson, Research Scientist 2

Phone: 206-685-4541 | Email:

  1. Prior to working within the Core, you must list the Ellison Core facilities on your Biological Use Authorization.
  2. Arrange for Core Orientation from Chris Cavanaugh at
  3. Receive ESCRO approval to work with pluripotent stem cells.
  4. Consider need for Human Subjects approval (e.g. patient tissue for iPSC generation)
  5. Obtain appropriate MTA approval for lines obtained from the Ellison Core
  6. Take appropriate training (e.g. Blood Borne Pathogens to work with human and non-human primate tissue)


Remember: Publication Acknowledgement – when appropriate:

Tom and Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core
Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
Allen Institute for Cell Science