Science Nights at the Collective

The Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine is pleased to present a series of public science talks at the Collective in South Lake Union. Each event features a living-room style presentation, interactive experiences, and hosted refreshments.

Each program begins at 6:30 PM. Email Thatcher Heldring ( to RSVP!

Location: 400 Dexter Ave N.

Frog Envy and Fingertips: The Science of Regeneration

Why are some lucky animals able to regrow tails and fins – and could there be an untapped potential for organ, bone, and limb regeneration hidden deep in our own cells? Meet the scientists – and the creatures – behind this tantalizing research. With Andrea Wills, PhD and Ronald Young Kwon, PhD.  Tuesday, February 28 


The Power and Perils of Gene Editing

CRISPR gene-editing has earned one scientist a Nobel Prize and another a prison sentence. How can we use this technology to fix or replace malfunctioning or missing genes and help patients responsibly? With Julie Mathieu, PhD, Julie Crudele, PhD, and Shiri Levy, PhD. Tuesday, March 21


Biomaterials: Cells in Jello and Wonders at Work

Tissue engineering is the art of coaxing many different types of cells to organize themselves into complex structures, like organs. Biomaterials are the building blocks of 3D microworlds that allow scientists to practice manipulating cell behavior. With the Cole DeForest Research Group. Thursday, May 4th