Collaboration Drives Progress in Muscular Dystrophy Research

Muscle researchers at UW Medicine are coming closer to treatments that could soon significantly improve the wellbeing of muscular dystrophy patients Read More

Zebrafish 101 in the Heart of Lewis County

Zebrafish aren't just for universities anymore. With a little help from ISCRM, high students in Chehalis are now using zebrafish in their advanced molecular genetics class. Read More

Designed Regeneration

With a major grant from the Department of Defense, ISCRM and IPD are combining innovations in stem cell biology, regeneration, and protein design to develop synthetic preventions and treatments for COVID-19 Read More

Asis Hussein

Studying the Secrets of Cell Dormancy

If humans could control cellular time, could certain diseases, and perhaps even death itself be delayed? To answer these questions, scientists are looking closely at the nature of embryonic development and the mechanisms of dormancy. Read More

Building Community: A Husky 100 Story

Jepson arrived on the University of Washington campus with a love of biology, a budding interest in engineering, and the pang of isolation felt by many out-of-state freshmen. Over the next four years, she would find a community in the residence halls and an outlet for her natural curiosity in the Department of Bioengineering. Read More

Nisa Williams

Pursuing a PhD in a Pandemic

Uncertainty is a fact of life for just about any PhD student, especially in the hectic final year of a thesis project. So much can change and so much is unknown. Data shifts. Funding is fickle. The right postdoc job could require relocation to a faraway city. It’s all part of the territory for a young scientist. But nothing can prepare a PhD student to complete a project in a pandemic. Read More

Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

Drug discovery, disease modeling, and donations of personal protective equipment are just some of the ways ISCRM labs are rallying to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Dragon Shuttle

Heart Tissue in Space

Researchers from the UW Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM) are taking part in a collaborative effort to send heart tissue on chips to the International Space Station to study how microgravity impacts cardiovascular functioning. Read More

A Paradigm Shift in Cancer Treatment

What if a patient’s cancer had a unique fingerprint? And what if that fingerprint could be used to help physicians treat patients, faster and more effectively than ever? This is precision medicine. And Dr. Pam Becker and a team of UW researchers are using it to save lives. Read More

Breaking the Capillary Barrier

Capillaries, the tiny but abundant vessels that enable the exchange of nutrients and waste, are so narrow that red blood cells must pass through in a single file line, making them challenging to study and prohibitively difficult to engineer. Until now. Read More