The ISCRM Fellows program, funded by the State of Washington, provides opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows interested in stem cell and regenerative medicine and technologies to train under the guidance of excellent mentors, faculty of ISCRM. This training will simultaneously enrich the trainee research and education and strengthen the future and innovation of stem cell and regenerative medicine and technology development in the state of Washington.

Meet Our Current and Past Fellows

2023 Fellows
2022 Fellows
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Eligibility Requirements

Selection Criteria

How to Apply — Deadline: 9:00am Monday, May 13, 2024

Application Materials

The applicant must submit all of the materials listed below in pdf format to the ISCRM Fellows Program Coordinator, Leena Derifield ( A single pdf document is preferred.

1.  Completed ISCRM Fellows Program Application.

2.  Diversity statement (300 words max)

3.  Research Plan and Career Goals document (two pages in 11pt font, 0.5 inch margins) that includes:

4.  Mentor’s Training Plan document (one page) that includes:

*Mentors should be aware that ISCRM funding does not fully cover trainee costs. It is the responsibility of the trainee’s mentor to cover costs that exceed the award.

5.  List of Publications or NIH Biosketch

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation from two individuals (excluding the primary mentor) must be submitted to the ISCRM Fellows Program Coordinator, Leena Derifield ( If applicable, one of the letters should be from a collaborator.

Letters should provide evidence of the quality of the candidate, the trainee’s potential for creative, innovative research, and the trainee’s potential to become an independent scientist and leader in the field of biomedicine and health.

Fellow Requirements