Innovations in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

ISCRM benefits significantly from the sage wisdom and tireless energy provided by our generous campaign council. This group of outstanding volunteers, comprised of esteemed business, civic, and community leaders, helps with ISCRM’s fundraising and legislative efforts. Awareness and financial support are vital to ensure that ISCRM’s innovative and game-changing scientific discoveries are able to move to the clinic.

Campaign Committee


Carolyn H. (Lyn) Grinstein – Campaign Chair

Carolyn H. (Lyn) Grinstein was born in New York and grew up in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. She attended boarding school in Beirut, Lebanon, returning to the United States in 1962 to attend Skidmore College. // READ MORE

Cynthia Adkins

Cynthia Adkins, currently serving as the Mayor of the City of Medina, co-founded Adkins Black in 2003 and is currently a partner at the firm.  // READ MORE

Sarah Barton, MD

Sarah Barton, M.D., is originally from New Jersey, but has wholeheartedly adopted Seattle as her native city. // READ MORE

Chandan Chauhan

Chandan Chauhan is an entrepreneur who is passionate about creating technology companies that provide internet services for consumers and enterprises. // READ MORE

Steven (Steve) D. Harr, MD

Steve Harr, M.D., is the former chief financial officer and head of corporate development for Juno Therapeutics; he joined the organization in 2014. // READ MORE

Christy Jones

Christy Jones is the founder and director of Extend Fertility, and she is pleased to be supporting UW Medicine during its Campaign.  // READ MORE

Molly E. Pengra

Molly Pengra serves on the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM) Campaign Council, as well as the Next Course Committee of the UW Foundation Board. // READ MORE

Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts is a Founder and Partner of Ignition. He invests in business application and services companies, and is a director on the boards of AVST, Docusign, Spoken and Earth Class Mail. // READ MORE


Trusted Advisors


Michael D. Garvey

Michael Garvey was born in Seattle and received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Washington in 1961 and a J.D. in 1964. // READ MORE

Eileen Tietze