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Devin K. Schweppe PhD

UW Genome Sciences
Assistant Professor

Email: dkschwep@uw.edu | Phone: 206.616.6031

The Schweppe Lab at UW focuses on the study of proteome dynamics in cellular and organismal systems. Using biologically aware mass spectrometric data acquisition we quantify proteins as a readout for diverse cell states with broad interests spanning microbial protein interactions, development, aging, small-molecule binding events, pre-clinical proteomics, and profiling primary tissue samples. Our team builds on the application of sample multiplexing and real-time search to determine how chemicals and drugs drive remodeling of cells on the proteome level. We use these insights to determine desired and undesired consequences of potential therapies in cellular models for expansion to primary mammalian tissues. Along with the methods and technology development focus, the group has worked to build applications and resources to disseminate large-scale proteomics datasets to the research community.