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Faculty headshot of Julie Mathieu, PhD

Julie Mathieu PhD

Comparative Medicine
Assistant Professor

Email: jmathieu@uw.edu | Phone: 206.221.6449

Our group primary research goals are directed toward understanding what governs cell fate decision in normal and pathological conditions. We study how cellular fate changes are regulated in early stages of human development, and use these findings to better understand cancer and cancer stem cell formation. We are particularly interested in the metabolic reprogramming occurring both in cancer cells and pluripotent stem cells, when they acquire unique metabolic properties and start relying mostly on glycolysis as a source of energy (Warburg effect).

Dr. Mathieu is director of the Ellison Stem Cell core. By providing training, support and genome editing services, the Ellison Stem Cell core assists investigators with their research in basic biology, disease modeling and regenerative medicine.