Willow Chernoske

With ISCRM fellowship funding, Willow Chernoske will develop and conduct a proof of concept for a CRISPR-Cas12a biotinylation system designed by the Escobar Lab to determine the epigenetic mechanisms that […] Read More

Hailemikael Yirdaw

As an ISCRM Fellow, Hailemikael Yirdaw will develop and test designed protein scaffolds that greatly enhance the sensitivity of CAR T cells to tumor antigens. Achieving a new generation of […] Read More

Ashi Jain

Ashi Jain will use ISCRM fellowship funding to investigate a hypothesis that two splice variants of the transcription factors Meis1 and Pbx3 have different gene expression patterns in different cell […] Read More

Lauren D’Amico

An ISCRM fellowship will allow Lauren D’Amico to study sarcomeric mutations that cause alterations to tension-time index (TTI). Understanding how these variations are linked to disruption in the force-generation capacity […] Read More

Leona Binyam-Temelso

ISCRM fellowship funding will enable Leona Binyam-Temelso to identify the minimal set of gene edits possible to generate human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes that will not produce arrhythmias once transplanted […] Read More

Rohda Yase

Building on preliminary data showing that the gene efemp1 is dispensable for the first phase of spine mineralization—Rohda Yase will study the 2nd phase of skeletal development by determining the role […] Read More

Jamie Yang

In the Cardiac Systems Simulation Lab, Jamie Yang is conducting a computational study to establish the feasibility of using optogenetic stimulation to suppress ventricular arrhythmias associated with human pluripotent stem […] Read More

Flora Hu

In her fellowship project, Flora Hu will develop a novel 3D in vitro model of the fallopian tube epithelium by combining iPSC and engineering technologies. Her specific aims to recapitulate […] Read More

Anika Ghelani

As an ISCRM Undergraduate Fellow, Anika Ghelani will investigate the biomechanical role of the chaperone protein melusin in humans using engineered heart tissues (EHTs) created from wild-type hiPSC-CMs and hiPSC-CMs […] Read More

Dania Ahmed

Funding will allow Dania Ahmed to test a hypothesis that restoring typical desmin levels in cardiomyopathic cells with the MYH7 E848G mutation – associated with dilated cardiomyopathy – will help […] Read More