Zheng Lab Unveils Platform for Modeling Cerebral Malaria in 3D

November 20, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research, Uncategorized | Tagged: , , ,

A new paper from the Zheng Lab, published in Cell Reports, unveils a technique for probing cerebral malaria inflammation in 3D engineered human brain microvessels. Read More

Zheng Lab Uses New 3D Model to Study Effect of Curvature on Endothelial Cells

September 16, 2020 | Categories: Research | Tagged: , , ,

Every day, million of cars navigate a complex network of wide, straight highways, busy streets and avenues, and side roads that bend and curve in unpredictable patterns. Now a new 3D modeling tool will help scientists study even more complex traffic patterns at work in our blood vessels. Read More