Zheng Lab Unveils Platform for Modeling Cerebral Malaria in 3D

November 20, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research, Uncategorized | Tagged: , , ,

A new paper from the Zheng Lab, published in Cell Reports, unveils a technique for probing cerebral malaria inflammation in 3D engineered human brain microvessels. Read More

Introducing Feini (Sylvia) Qu

September 22, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty | Tagged: , ,

ISCRM faculty member Feini (Sylvia) Qu will explore the cellular and molecular pathways of composite musculoskeletal tissue regeneration, especially the bones and connective tissues that link our limbs and joints. Read More

Stem Cell-derived Organoids Secrete Tooth Enamel Proteins

August 14, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research, Uncategorized | Tagged: , , ,

Researchers led by Hannele Ruohola-Baker have created organoids from stem cells that secrete the proteins that form the enamel that protects our teeth from damage and decay. Read More

FDA Approves Gene Therapy with ISCRM Origins

July 5, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research | Tagged: , , ,

The FDA has approved a first-ever gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy based in part on technology developed by UW Medicine/ISCRM Researchers Read More

Meet the 2023 Tietze Award Winners

June 1, 2023 | Categories: Award, Core Faculty, Research, Uncategorized | Tagged: , , ,

Julie Mathieu, PhD and Niclas Bengtsson, PhD have received prestigious awards from the John H. Tietze Foundation Trust that will help fuel promising research underway in their labs. Read More

Study From Moltke Lab Describes How Immune Sentinel Tuft Cells Differentiate From Epithelial Stem Cells

May 12, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research | Tagged: ,

New research from the Moltke Lab at UW Medicine describes how our body generates an enigmatic cell type, known as tuft cells, that detects parasitic worms and helps to mobilize an immune response. Read More

SpyLigation Uses Light to Switch on Proteins

April 17, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research | Tagged: , , ,

Light-activation technology developed by the Cole DeForest Research Group has potential applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and understanding how the body works. Read More

Breaking Boundaries in Skin Research With Biosensors and Optogenetics

April 14, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Research, Uncategorized | Tagged: , , ,

Cory Simpson, MD, PhD and Andre Berndt, PhD detail how advances in biosensor and optogenetic technology are opening up new possibilities in dermatology research. Read More

Gene-Edits Safely Reduce Irregular Heartbeats in Cell Therapy for Heart Disease

April 6, 2023 | Categories: Core Faculty, Heart Regeneration, Research, Uncategorized | Tagged: ,

Researchers in the Murry Lab have demonstrated that a quadruple gene editing approach safely suppresses irregular heartbeats in stem cell therapy for injured hearts. Read More

NIH Grant Advances Alzheimer’s Research – And Launches a Career

March 28, 2023 | Categories: Award, Core Faculty, Uncategorized | Tagged: , , ,

Tiara Schwarze-Taufiq, an ISCRM undergraduate fellow in 2021, is now a Research Scientist in the Young Lab thanks to an NIH R21 grant made possible in part by her own research. Read More